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Our mission is to guide each student to amass self-assurance of their intuitive capabilities, improve the skills needed for analytical enrichment & establish values that will allow them to function with preciseness & humanity

Isaac Reyes Gomez

Isaac Reyes Gomez

Born in Mexico City in the year 1987.

Currently works for Los Angeles County Department of Public Works as a Civil Engineer. Obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from California State University, Fullerton.


Over 10 years of Tutoring Math

2005 - Present
Community Volunteer teaching math classes
2010 - 2012
STEM Instructor for the Boys and Girls Club
City of Costa Mesa
2009 - 2011
Private Math Tutor for a tutoring company
Irvine, CA


Elementary Math
(Currently Offered)
(Not Yet Offered)
Algebra I
(Not Yet Offered)
Algebra II
(Not Yet Offered)
(Not Yet Offered)

Class Teaching Style:

The main focus is to teach students how to solve Math problems by applying their critical thinking. Students must first learn how to understand Math logical rather than memorizing concepts and/or steps.

Below are a few of the techniques used:

  • Math is introduced as a language
  • Students are encouraged and called upon to participate in class discussion. All students must participate
  • Rules and Concepts are introduced and discussed to establish a solid/strong Math foundation

Students will understand Math concepts well enough once they become able to explain and teach it to someone else.



  • Common Core
    • 4th to 8th Grade
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 2
  • Trigonometry
Tutoring Teaching Style

Students will work on their Math Assignments on their own and a tutor will observe their work to identify any mistakes. The tutor will guide them by asking a series of question using simple examples, rather than telling them the answer.

Strongly against giving the student the answer, once they begin to struggle, without having them challenge themselves first. The purpose is to show and teach students how to solve Math problems they might struggle with in the future on their own without the need of a tutor.


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