This program has been a success because we are qualified individuals that understand how students learn. We are a group of Engineers, Mathematecians, and Parents who understand the importance Math has in our students.

It began from my parents garage where my father converted half of the garage into a classroom to teach Mathematics to students from our community to help students improve their Math Grade. Our public school education system has many flaws and there are many ways it can be improved so that our students can be well educated. Teachers are doing the best they can to educate students without having all the necessary tools and resources to do so. In addition, community leaders and local representatives need to work together with our public education system to improve the quality of education. The current education system isn't preparing students to succeed in this fast world we live in. Education should teach students how to be knowledgeable, free thinkers, and understand how the world works. Math is a powerful tool because it teaches critical thinking, problem solving, perseverance, resilience, teamwork, self-confidence, patience, and gives a better understanding of our world. Professions in the fields of science, technology, AI, engineering, medicine, and computer science require students to complete advanced Math courses. The current situation is that students continue to struggle with Math and most graduate high school without understanding Algebra! Math is a required skill for many great companies or entrepreneurs which is why it is important to help our students understand Math.

We shared our concern with close friends and family members and invited them to enroll their kids to our Math program. On the first day of class we had a total of 4 students, the classes were twice a week for an hour and a half each class. The 4 students improved their Math grade within the first few weeks of attending the program, their self-esteem towards math improved and they began to enjoy Math. Word of mouth spread and within 6 months we had close to 100 students. All students rapidly improved their Math Grade, but most importantly the student no longer feared Math. Students felt understood and confident in their skills within a few days into the course. The program naturally expanded and we offered more classes but we couldn’t meet demand. This went on for a few years until we began working with the school district, the City Library and community centers. The program was a success that the City awarded the program for its positive impact it had on students and parents.

Our public education system had to transform to adapt to this COVID pandemic which affected every corner of the education system and the ones who suffered the most are our students. We hope that our public education system can prepare incase of another emergency event so that our students will be the least impacted. Teachers, parents and students' relationships also transformed into a virtual one which made it difficult for students to learn.

This Math program we offer is a success with students because it teaches them to understand and not be afraid of Math. We invite you to try this program, this might be that one program that works for you child. We enjoy what we do and teaching makes us happy. Watching students go from hating math to enjoying math is priceless. This Math program has helped so many students who have earned degrees in Engineering, Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics.

Our missions statement is:

‘To guide each student to amass self-assurance of their intuitive capabilities, improve the skills needed for analytical enrichment, & establish values that will allow them to function with preciseness & humanity.’

The Educators

Isaac Reyes

Isaac | Founder & Instructor

Associate in Science in Mathematics

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

15 Years of Teaching Experience

Mathematics has always been my favorite and because I was good at it my peers would rely on me to help them with their homework. It gave me self-confidence and a sense of importance which are powerful characteristics to have. Also, in 6th grade I remember taking a Math test and the 5 highest scores would be in a Team to compete with other schools. I remember getting the highest score, I beat the smartest kid in the school by one question! Even he was surprised which boosted my self-esteem and self assurance even higher. I pursued Civil Engineering because I was fascinated how Math is used to create magnificent structures that solve some of the world's greatest challenges. During my time at the University I continued to tutor and teach during my free time. When I graduated and began working as a Civil Engineer I continued to tutor and teach. Finally, I understood that my true passion was teaching Math to students because it brought me peace, gave me purpose, and filled me with joy watching students understand Math.

I’ve always enjoyed Mathematics and being able to transfer my knowledge of Math to other students gives me great joy. Mathematics is a subject where students continue to struggle and when I realized that my method of teaching helped students eliminate this struggle I decided to go all in. I took this program and created the non-profit Think! Before You Solve with the intent to improve students' understanding of Math. Since I was young I always helped the less fortunate because I understood that we are as strong as our weakest. In order to advance and prosper we have to include everyone and collectively work together to solve many of the current problems of our society. Mathematics is an area where I can help students succeed. I promise that any student will enjoy learning Math in my class and gain the necessary confidence to persevere when problems become difficult.

Vanessa Reyes

Vanessa | Instructor & Tutor

Associate in Mathematics & Liberal Arts

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Specializing in Pure Mathematics

10 Years of Teaching Experience

Among my earliest memories, I recall spending several days after school in my family’s garage - which also served as a communal classroom - learning mathematics. My father was well aware that mathematics would be the foundation to build successful careers in STEM and therefore ensured we received early exposure to additional math education. By fifth grade when I received my first math placement test, I was among the very few in my grade to pass with perfect scores, not to mention the only female hispanic. I was not only placed in advanced math classes, but I continuously received recognition by my peers and my instructors in doing well in a subject that was [and still is] challenging for most students.

During my undergraduate career was where I, too, reached a point where I struggled, spent hours upon hours not understanding concepts, was frustrated and questioned “How could these symbols and expressions have any meaning?” The infamous phrase came to mind: Why is math so difficult? As math concepts grow more complex, they eventually become impossible to relate with our real-world knowledge and thus require a higher investment of time and energy to understand. Math is much more than finding quantitative solutions; being great at math develops confidence in problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity.

Understanding mathematics and the challenges students face in their classrooms has helped me aim to provide a holistic education when tutoring students. I always believe in my students because anyone is capable of succeeding in mathematics given the right resources and guidance. My passion for helping the future education of young leaders is part of my mission to break the misunderstood stigmas of mathematics.

Raul | Counselor & Tutor

Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication Engineering

20 Years of Teaching Experience

Israel | Website & IT

Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems Engineer